Here are some pics of a Falcon I am working on. The chassis has the 3D printed 6 spoke wheels on the rear. It shows the body mounts installed before I glue them in. On the Falcon the fronts  will end up being even with fenders an just a little space above tire to keep from rubbing. This is done by using just a little larger front wheel when gluing mounts in. On the rears I make a lift from styrene that is just a little taller than the tires. This helps keep them from rubbing. I then mix up some 5 minute epoxy and apply to mount and set the body on straight. 

 After mounts have been glued in and the epoxy has set, check the tire fit. If they are rubbing the body you will now need to use your Dremel to adjust the fit. On the rear you will use the round diamond ball bit to remove resin from the body where the tires touch. On the front tires on the Falcon you will use the Dremel round barrel bit for this. Once everything is like you want you are done. 

​Tools you may need.

Here you can see the chassis snapped into the body after the mounts have been installed. That's it your done.​

How To Mount A Resin Body To The Carbon Fiber Chassis

​How To Remove The Rear Axle

Notice the angle of the axle now after it releases from the pillow block.​ The rear axle is a tight fit by design. If you try to remove it a different way two things will happen. First it won't come out and second you take a chance of damaging your chassis.

Here you can see the styrene lift I made and the body mounts from above.​

In this photo you see our axle removal block with a small flat head screw driver. These are the tools you will need. 

Here is the body mounts have been installed and epoxy applied to outside of body mount ONLY. ​

First place the chassis as pictured with the removal block under the rear axle pillow block.

Here the body mount fits into the chassis mount.​

​Carbon Fiber Chassis History

​We started design work in 2017 and finished in 2018. We had to make a few equipment purchases first before we could start this project. The first piece of equipment was a 3D Resin Printer and the second was a CNC Mill. Then we had to line up material purchases, like carbon fiber. Then we had to learn how to use our new equipment. All practice with the mill was done with wood. Once that was done we started prototype production using carbon fiber. Next was our testing phase. Naturally there were a lot of design changes to get it just right. That is what testing is all about. With the testing stage complete we have now started production. Here are a few pictures of the chassis in varies stages. 

Here you can see the body mounts glued into the body with the epoxy.

Once the removal block is in place position the screw driver as pictured. Now take hold of the chassis as pictured. While supporting the chassis take the screw and push down on the axle as it rest on the removal block. The axle will pop out of the  bushing. Then repeat for the other side.

Here are the body mounts, check the fit. If the mount needs material removed use a small flat file to adjust.