Carbon Fiber Chassis

Here is our new carbon fiber chassis. We will have a long and short version. The chassis features a snap in axle assembly. The motor screws in to a motor bracket. It also has adjustable traction magnets.

AW Super III Eagle Modified

Here I have modified this chassis with the following improvements:

Better brush barrel set screws not unlike Wizard P3's

Tomy Mega G pickup shoes

Tomy SG+ pickup springs

Our own pickup shoe wedge (keeps shoe from floating off brush barrel

3D printed wheels front o-rings and bonded Jel Claw rears

New Brass Cluster Gear for 4G

In the picture you can see the quick change shaft. Just pull the pin and drop on the cluster gear.

Drag Slicks     

 These are a high grade black foam coated with a quality silicone. I started building these for my RTR cars I sell on Ebay.  

Drag Motors

I build my own motors for my drag racing cars. Once in awhile you will see these on Ebay. 

 Projects that I have completed or  I am still working on. 

4g Custom Wheels

 Our new designs are fitted with Jel-Claw tires or Super Tires. Look for these on our custom RTR cars on Ebay.

3D Resin Printing

We now do 3D Resin Printing. The detail with this type of printing is amazing. Our prototype projects now look like they are finished. 

Eagle 4G modified chassis project info soon.